• “Over our 10 year practice, we’ve worked with many landscape contractors in Alberta and other provinces across the prairies. Some have been good, some could have been better. Wilco, without exception, has always performed to a high level. They have great staff with knowledge, experience, and insight. As a team, they know what it takes to get a project completed in a professional manner, and have always provided us with insight and suggestions that do not compromise the design intent or quality of construction. That is incredibly rare for a contractor. They provide good value for the money. Hire them. You will not regret it.”
    Rick Gendron AALA, CSLA - Landscape Architect + Principal
    Rick Gendron AALA, CSLA - Landscape Architect + Principal 818 studio ltd.
  • "Earthscape Consultants first worked with Wilco on a sportsfield project in Beaumont in the early 1980’s. Earthscape has continued working with Wilco constructing projects throughout Alberta that have been designed, tendered and reviewed during construction by our firm. Some projects have been multi-million dollar undertakings while others have been much smaller. We have enjoyed a very respectful approach by all of their site superintendents and project managers. Wilco knows how to keep projects on schedule and they respond well to difficult and unforeseen site conditions. They get construction completed to 100% and provide a high quality of warranty and maintenance through to final project acceptance. Wilco staff also make themselves available during design to review constructibility and potential construction cost savings."
    Michael D. Evans AALA, CSLAEarthscape Consultants
  • “By my estimation, ISL and Wilco have been working together to develop important community open space infrastructure for over 20 years. During that time, we have maintained and benefited from a positive working relationship built on a mutual respect for the others knowledge and expertise, and a shared desire to have all projects exceed our client’s and the users expectations. ISL has always benefited from Wilco’s willingness to provide assistance during the design stages of a project (prior to any contract award), in helping us to better understand potential issues related to constructability, operations, materials, budget and innovation. Wilco’s willingness to be an early partner on projects is one of the key reasons that we always viewed them as the preferred landscape contractor for large scale, complex projects in Edmonton and northern Alberta. Wilco’s broad base of experience in the construction of parks, sports fields, trails, public spaces, green infrastructure and site development is second to none, and they have the skilled staff, expertise and equipment to meet any project scope or challenge. ISL would willingly recommend Wilco to any public or private agency looking for a capable and responsible landscape contractor.”
    Randy Heaps, CSLA LEED AP
    Randy Heaps, CSLA LEED APISL Engineering and Land Services